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Offline analysis

The ProfiSignal Viewer enables users to perform offline- analyses of data and reports that have been generated by ProfiSignal Go or Klicks. The Viewer is used to access acquired data.

It enables users to evaluate data acquired through ProfiSignal Go or Klicks. Users of the Viewer require only the Viewer software. Users wishing to acquire measurement data require either ProfiSignal Go or Klicks.

The Viewer can also be used to access and evaluate data that has been acquired and stored via a standalone data logger.

Data can also be exported in ASCII or Excel format. The Viewer provides functions that are also available for ProfiSignal’s trend diagram and characteristic curve options, e.g. cursors, markers, export and statistical functions.

ProfiSignal Viewer features

  • Analysis and export of measurement data and reports
  • A range of diagrams that include trends, characteristic curve, orbit and FFT
  • Diagram functions such as cursor, export, marker, statistics, etc.
  • Time stamped measurement data
  • Display and processing of reports
  • Conversion of reports into PDF format
  • Read-only access to measurement data