ProfiSignal Tillval

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Even in their simplest versions, ProfiSignal Basic and ProfiSignal Klicks offer extensive functions. There are also a range of options available with special functions. Single or multiple options can be utilized depending on user requirements.


Online / offline portrayal, evaluation of measured data using the AMDT module FFT, cascade, time signal and orbit diagrams. Process measurement data and vibration data within a single system.

Available for ProfiSignal Go, Basic and Klicks.

Alarm management option

efining any type of alarm event (under-run, over-run, process violation, wire-break …). Alarm acquisition takes place with date and time recording at millisecond precision. Alarm notification via digital outputs using sound-data formats or visualization objects. Alarm history in the form of alarm lists including time-stamps.

Available for ProfiSignal Basic and Klicks.

SQL Option

Integrated SQL interface for data exchange with other databases, e.g. for test sample parameters. Connection to ProfiSignal via ODBC-functioning enabling read / write of data.

Available for ProfiSignal Basic and Klicks.

OPC Server och Klient

To connect external hardware that act as an OPC Server.

Available for the ProfiSignal DataService.

LabView driver

For online/offline data exchange using LabVIEW™ 2010.

Available for the ProfiSignal DataService.