Temperaturövervakning vid betonggjutning

Temperaturövervakning hjälper

Concrete maturity indicates how far curing has progressed. Maturity is the relationship between concrete temperature, time, and strength gain. It is represented by an index value that can be measured in real time in the field.

The maturity method, often simply referred to as maturity, is a way of evaluating new concrete’s in-place strength by relating time and temperature measurements to actual strength values.

To expedite schedules, increase safety, and improve construction methods, construction teams want to know the strength of their concrete at the job site in real time. Since maturity is related to concrete strength, the maturity method is a way to accomplish this without solely relying on standard test specimens and laboratory testing.

Maturity is calculated by tracking changes in fresh concrete temperature over time. Since each concrete mix has its own strength-maturity relationship, we can use maturity to estimate the strength of that mix at any moment after placement. When we know the maturity of a certain concrete, we can use that concrete’s specific strength-maturity relationship.When using the maturity method, construction teams can estimate real-time strength gain of in-place concrete on the job site. There’s no need to waste valuable construction time waiting for the strength of standard test specimens to catch up to the in-place concrete.